One neighbor stabbed, another choked to death over motorcycle

Early Wednesday morning in Pasadena, TX, around 4:30 am a man came home from work on his motorcycle. Instead of using his driveway to enter his property, however, he decided to use his neighbor’s lawn. It turns out the man had done this numerous times before and this time his neighbor was waiting for him.

After witnessing the man drive across his lawn he ran next door and confronted him. The two men entered into a verbal altercation and that’s when the motorcycle riding man took out a knife.

The motorcycle riding neighbor then stabbed the other man and the scuffle continued.  Eventually, the neighbor that had been cut mustered up enough energy to choke the man… until he died. The case is being investigated and neither of the men’s names have been released nor has the condition of the angry neighbor.

The big lesson here is, just stick to your driveway… and also, don’t bring a knife to a choking fight apparently.